May 28, 2022

Saw Cut Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Saw Cut Concrete Enhances the Look of Acid Stained Floors

Saw Cut ConcreteWhile treating a concrete floor with acid stain can add color and warmth to a room, saw cut concrete can further enhance the final look and feel of the room by giving it extra style and depth.

The character of a simple concrete floor can be completely changed by cutting curved or straight lines into the concrete surface with diamond tipped concrete saw or other tools. These cuts can create borders, or grids that resemble hand-grooved joints, designs or even graphics cut directly into concrete surface.

The look of saw cut concrete adds to the final appearance of what other decorative materials create, but fall short by adding an often desired 3rd dimensional quality. Cut patterns are an excellent method of dividing spans of concrete or large rooms, providing a end point for color if two or more colors are used or if the pattern is interrupted by walls, floor defects or or other features of the house or building. As an example, decorative lines provide patterning guides for chemical stain treatments. The nature of saw cut concrete provides for a superior method of  providing a clean separation between stain colors.

Saw Cut Concrete Designs

Saw cut concrete can be done in the American, or Roman patterns. We specialize in the Antique Roman cut and have 14 (fourteen) acid stain colors to choose from.